For Lost and Stolen Devices

Secure Mobile Sim Application SmSimApp is a complete anti-theft application

the best protection you can get to recover your misplaced, lost or stolen Android device. read more...

Remote recovery options help you keep control of your device even when its lost

Take a photo of the thief

You can set your device to lock access and take a picture of the person attempting to unlock it after three tries.

Remotely lock your phone

Remotely lock your phone to prevent access to your personal data setting.

Locate your phone on Map.

Locate and Track your phone and display its location on a Google View Map.

More features

After downloading SmSimApp, Please follow these steps:
1. enter the country code with the phone number without zero
2. enter the activation code when you received it via SMS text message

After the completion of the activation process, SmSimApp will ask you for:
1. new password: Please enter a new secret password specific for SmSimApp. You will use this password later to control your phone remotely by text messages SMS, or via the control panel (link at the top).
2. enter a new recovery number (alternative phone number), this recovery number will receive all the alerts sent by SMS from your phone by SmSimApp!

A Simple Example
If you want to know the location of your phone, you can do that through the SMS commands or via the control panel. Via SMS text message you can send the message as follows:
SmSimApp white space   SmSimApp_password white space   send location
Then SmSimApp send your phone current location by SMS text messages to the predefined recovery number.

More and more distinctive and brilliant services can be found within the application as well or in The control panel


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